Preparing High School Girls for Real World Leadership

Spectrum’s CEO, Danielle Ross, participated as a speaker for Independence High School’s Mentoring Association this past January. Danielle’s talk was part of the Glass Ceiling Roundtable (GCR), a leadership program for senior girls. She explained the concept of the “glass ceiling”, laid a blueprint for overcoming the workplace obstacles it creates and presented ways in which breaking it can benefit businesses and society at large.

The mentorship and positive messaging of programs like the GCR can help youths to know their value and build confidence. Ross thinks that it is important to get in front of high school students and to speak with them so that students are better prepared to advocate for themselves and seek advancement once their careers begin. “I would have loved a program like this when I was a high school student,” Ross says. Although it was not available to her, she is happy to have participated in the program and to have shared her story for the next generation.

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