Railroad Products

To help you keep trains moving, we stock flat rail heaters and crib heaters so that you can get track switch heaters in as fast as 24 hours when you need them most. We offer a complete line of electric track switch heaters, control cabinets and rail car thaw shed heating systems.

Industrial Heaters

For over 50 years, we have been a manufacturer of reliable, modular industrial heaters in a wide variety of dimensions and wattages for both permanent installation and portable use in a broad range of applications including die/forge, process, and comfort heaters.

Spectrum on the Job

We understand the challenges you face when working on the railroad, and we are committed to solving the problem of frozen track switches. We listen to your critical problems and have solutions to help you successfully survive the winter.

Our track switch heater package is easy to install and maintain, and our products are energy efficient. Spectrum offers the lowest lifecycle cost in the industry by utilizing simple, robust designs and commercial-off-the-shelf components.