Spectrum Inc. at AARS 2018

Sam Santabarbara, Spectrum Inc.’s Sales Engineer, connects with fellow railroad industry members.
It was a great pleasure and benefit to meet with other members in the railroad community.

Welcome to our new intern

Spectrum Inc. is very excited to announce a new addition this summer to our Engineering team.
Rachel Smith, an Electrical Engineering honor’s program student from Cleveland State University, has been hired by Spectrum as an intern this summer. Read more

American Association of Railroad Superintendents 2018 Annual Meeting

Spectrum Inc., as a member of the American Association of Railroad Superintendents, will be at the AARS 122nd Annual meeting July 22, 2018 through July 24, 2018, in Chicago, IL. The AARS serves the networking, education and development needs of railroad operations leadership and management of Class 1, regional and short lines, and passenger railroads.

Spectrum Inc. at RSSI 2018

Thanks to all who came to visit us at the RSSI 2018 trade show.  Sam, Christine, and Brandon appreciated the opportunity to see all our visitors.

forging sparks

Why Electric Infrared Is The Future Of Die Heating In The Forging Industry

There are many factors to consider during a forging process, but one that is too often overlooked is die temperature. Unfortunately, die heating is often performed ineffectively or skipped altogether. A die that is not properly heated will crack and wear prematurely and could produce inferior forged parts. In addition to compromising the quality of work, dies that are not heated properly can have a detrimental impact on direct costs and productivity. Read more

Broken Rail Photo

Broken Rail and Rail Heaters

The post below is from a white paper by Spectrum’s mechanical engineer, Carmelo Franchina Jr., exploring the challenges of broken rail and rail heaters. Click here to download the report in full.

Safety is an important concern within the rail industry. High voltage electricity, uneven terrain, sharp objects and large moving trains all pose a potential risk to the worker trying to perform his/her job. Broken rail is also a problem that is commonly faced.

Read more

Spectrum RRSH hot/cold air blower (5hp)

After 40 Years, Spectrum’s Original Line Of Hot Air Blowers Still Going Strong

Spectrum’s RRSH Hot Air Blower has a long history of keeping track switches clear of ice and snow. This economical and durable product was first launched in 1978.  Read more

Redland railway station

5 Ways Winter Attacks Your Railroad And How To Fight Back

Delays, derailment, personal injury – extreme weather can have devastating impacts on trains, railroads and the people who work on them. However, there is a secret weapon you can use to fight back: a winter action plan. Read more

Spectrum Track Switch Heaters to be used by Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad

Spectrum Infrared, a division of Advanced Detection Systems, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) announced that Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad has procured 70+ SPECTRUM RRSH Track Switch Heater to be installed at the Blue Island and Riverdale Yards. Read more

Spectrum Track Switch Heaters to be used by Union Pacific Railroad

Spectrum Infrared, a division of Advanced Detection Systems, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) announced that Union Pacific Railroad has procured SPECTRUM RRSH Track Switch Heating Systems to be installed this summer at two locations within New Mexico. Read more