Spectrum Track Switch Heaters to be used by Union Pacific Railroad

Spectrum Infrared, a division of Advanced Detection Systems, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) announced that Union Pacific Railroad has procured SPECTRUM RRSH Track Switch Heating Systems to be installed this summer at two locations within New Mexico. The unique design of the SPECTRUM RRSH provides a fully integrated control system, eliminating the need for way side control panels. The RRSH Track Switch Heater from SPECTRUM INFRARED reduces energy costs, increases reliability in the harshest of winter snow storms, and is the lowest life cycle cost track switch heater in the industry.

Union Pacific chose the RRSH-300 Series for its ability to run ancillary equipment directly from the integrated control panel. The units operate 2 crib heaters, have a stagger start and 2 stage energy management system, which allows ½ heat for energy saving or full heat during more severe weather. The optional flex ducting permits ease of installation of the heater cabinet, which has the rail industries lowest profile and installation envelope for electric forced air blowers.

The unique design of the RRSH units will minimize the amount of energy in Btu’s required to keep the switches clear of snow and ice during the coldest period of winter. This will enable the switches to maintain full operation on these days.

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