Spectrum Rail Car Thaw Shed Heaters used by Norfolk Southern

Spectrum Infrared, a division of A.D.S., is proud to announce that Norfolk Southern is utilizing our rail car thaw shed heaters at Lambert’s Point in order to ensure that the coal transfer facility operates reliably and efficiently. Norfolk Southern’s Lambert’s Point terminal is one of the largest coal transload facilities in the world.

The Lamberts Point Pier 6 loading docks feed the shiploaders for a combined dumping capacity of up to 8,000 tons of coal per hour, while loading two ships simultaneously. Capacity of this transloading operation is nearly 40 million tons of coal per year. During extended winter freeze cycles, loaded hoppers must be heated to ensure efficient dumping of the coal via two tandem rotary dumpers. Spectrum Infrared 60kW heaters assist in this aspect of the coal unloading operation.

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